ECG / EKG Signal Simulator - TechPatient Cardio V4

ECG / EKG Signal Simulator - TechPatient Cardio V4



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A 12 leads portable ECG simulator with realistic waveform generation, selectable rate and multiple rhythms for monitors and recorders testing.

The TechPatient CARDIO V4 ECG simulator stands among its competitors for generating realistic cardiac waveforms, an advantage that gives you the certainty that any test conducted with this simulator will be repeatable with a human patient.

Twelve leads ECG simulation is suitable to test modern diagnostic equipment, including waveform recognition devices. Three leads and five leads ECG diagnostic equipment can also be tested.

The TechPatient CARDIO V4 is a portable battery powered device, rugged for field usage but also adding advanced features allowing it to be used for developing and verifying new diagnostic equipment.


The user can select one of multiple waveforms and configure wave-specific parameters base on that selection.

ECG Waveform

ECG mode produces 12 leads realistic ECG waveforms of a user selctable amplitude and heart rate. Heart rate is configured in 1 BPM increments form 20 to 240 BPM and in 2 BPM increments from 240 to 300 BPM. Heart rate variability can also be selected.

Arrhythmia Waveform

Ritmic Module produces a wave from a set of 45 predefined arrhythmias. Ampitude is selectable.

Calibration Waveform

Performance Waveforms are designed for test and measurement. They are well defined with selectable amplitude, frequency, rate or level. Sine waves are triphasic while all other performance waveforms are biphasic due to their harmonic rich nature.

ECG Waveforms
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